About Us

BTE was created as a result of a merger between BTE (Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment) and Hanoun Medical in 2004.

BTE is widely regarded as the leading provider of advanced solutions for testing and rehabilitation.  In business for more than 25 years, BTE has always been known for excellence in work simulation and therapy.  The merger of BTE with Hanoun Medical in 2004 created a dynamic integration of testing and rehabilitation technology and experience.   This combined innovation and expertise has resulted in a new dimension of function-based assessment and rehabilitation that is not found in any other company in the world.

Rehabilitation Equipment

BTE offers equipment solutions that are unmatched in the industry.  Whether in the clinic or hospital setting, industry medical centers or team sports training programs, BTE technology is on the cutting edge of physical evaluation and rehabilitation.  The precision and versatility of our equipment and technology are driving measurable outcomes for our customers and improved function for their clients, employees and athletes.

Workforce Solutions

BTE offers programmatic services to Employers and Payers targeted at changing the cost experience of injuries and disabilities of workers.  These services address injury prevention, functional baseline, recovery tracking and return to work program solutions; all integrated in proprietary web-based software, linked to measurement technology.  Preventing absence due to injury and disability – and returning employees to safe work if an injury or disability occurs – is the structure of our services and the key to our clients’ success.

Today, BTE's equipment, technology and expertise is found throughout the United States and Canada, as well as 26 other countries around the globe.  Whether placed in a clinic setting or applied as a solution for lowering injury and disability costs for employers and payers, BTE is making a difference for our customers.